LinkedIn Profile Writing

It has been reported that 85% of recruiters will view your LinkedIn profile before making a hiring decision and with somewhere close to two hundred million members it is no wonder that nowadays this portal is an essential part of your job search and networking capabilities.


Your LinkedIn profile is different from your CV but just as vital and is the lynchpin to get recruiters wanting to read your CV in more detail.


It is an excellent opportunity to present yourself online in an attention grabbing manner but without breaching company confidential information.


The key elements of your Profile will be as follows:-

  • Eye Catching headline

  • Top notch career summary

  • Comprehensive job details

  • Education and Certificates

  • Recommendations

  • Endorsements


Of course, an important element of your profile is the password protection element of the portal. So we write the appropriate elements for you and you just need to copy and paste to get the full effect.


Please discuss this option in more detail with your consultant. It is important that you understand how to make your profile attract more visitors and recruiters.






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